Small Business Profile : Staying Positive

Small Business Profile : Staying Positive

For small business owners, it’s often overwhelming to manage, conduct, and oversee every issue that arises within their business. From attempting to maintain a manageable schedule to trying to stay competitive, owners put in many hours and much effort to ensure the success of their small business. Through all of this, it’s sometimes difficult to stay positive, but the key is to focus on the good.

For example, after almost nineteen years as a small business owner himself, Newberg Pediatrician, Dr. Whittaker has faced many challenges throughout the years such as staying current with technology, converting paper records into digital records as well as maintaining a certified and qualified staff. Dr. Whittaker says that what keeps him positive is “the good, personal relationships” he has with his patients. “I’m not just a ‘doc of the day’ to my patients,” explains Whittaker, “they come to me for help because they know I’ll do my best to provide them the care they need, when they need it, in the best manner.”

It’s always encouraging to have a supportive group of clients to brighten your day and keep you motivated, but issues and challenges will come up regardless.

Dealing with business issues in a timely and controlled manner can be beneficial, but most processes, even if they’re organized can cause a small business owner a massive headache. While it’s a top priority to address and attempt to solve every issue that arises, it can be encouraging and also important to remind yourself of the benefits of being a small business owner. After all, there are a few perks.

Dr. Whittaker shares that his favorite thing about being a small business owner is “making my own decisions and being able to make work schedule flexible to my personal schedule.” The unique advantage of having more freedom and independence in decision-making as a small business owner can be a blessing at times, but a curse at others.

For instance, even when small business owners use their best judgment to make decisions, unforeseen negative consequences can result. This can be frustrating and discouraging at times, but the up side of the responsibility small business owners have is that it provides them the power to make decisions that can potentially benefit their business.

Another advantage of being a small business owner is the ability to form a team of employees by carefully selecting people who will provide a team that will be successfully cohesive, and will support you through difficult challenges. Dr. Whittaker say that having such a team of employees has helped him be successful throughout the years and is what keeps his business running smoothly.

The challenge owners have of running and ensuring the success of a small business can be stressful and frustrating at times, but what’s important to keep in mind during difficult times or when facing a business challenge are the advantages of being a small business owner. As an owner, you have the power to make decisions that can lead your business to success.

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Written by Guest Blogger Kylie Whittaker