We’ve all heard the saying “Communication is Key”, but with all the different types of communication between a small business and their clients, it can be difficult to make consumers feel informed, but not overwhelmed. Many small businesses struggle to find that perfect balance of providing enough information to their audience while not overstretching to communicate information when unnecessary.

Most small business owners would agree that the most important form of communication between a business and their clients is face-to-face. A client’s interaction with business employees as well as their experience of being provided information or directed to resources can either make or break their experience. The impression a business makes on a client based on their experience directly affects their intentions to return for service in the future, the likelihood that they will refer a friend, or the possibility they might leave a positive review about that business online.

It is clear that having information available to clients is extremely crucial for small business success; however, keeping every employee completely informed about the entire business is unrealistic. While it’s impractical to expect every employee to have every answer, it’s important that they are at least able to provide clients with or direct them to resources that will hold the information that they need. This is often either another employee who is more familiar with the specific interest, but it can also be in the form of a business pamphlet, website, or social media page. These alternate forms of communication allow businesses to provide clients with a way to stay informed or become more familiar with a business.

While the experience a client has in person at a business is extremely important, there are significant advantages to the alternate forms of communication mentioned before. For example, if during their experience at a business, a client is given a well-designed, informative pamphlet, that pamphlet acts as a reminder of your business as well as how helpful your business was to them.

Another way to remind your clients of upcoming business events, deals or special announcements is through a form of social media or business website. It’s important to limit and consider the amount of updates and reminders you provide over social media, but the right amount can be extremely effective and improve a business’s overall communication and connection with clients.

A business website or social media page can provide general contact information to online users and potential new clients. It also promotes the integration of your business into your clients’ online community. Having a business accessible and shareable to others online allows that business to become more widely recognized and more appreciated within an online community.

What these online alternate communication platforms offer (that cannot be achieved through in person communication) is that they can encourage client feedback. This is one of the most valuable tools a small business can have. In person, clients may not feel comfortable enough to give feedback about their experience with the business. Instead, a business can use online, anonymous forums to allow clients to share their opinions, ideas, and thoughts that can lead to better, more direct service for clients. Although communication of information from businesses to clients is absolutely necessary for maintaining a business, the unique insight provided by client feedback is the key to the development and growth of a business. Communication from both the business and its clients can lead to less confusion, a better mutual understanding, and can lead to overall business success.

While communication to clients in person is absolutely necessary and crucial in order for businesses to make a good impression, the key to better business-client relationships is to utilize the many different forms of communication available and to encourage client feedback for the improvement and development of a business.

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Written by Guest Blogger Kylie Whittaker