Why are so many distancing themselves from SEO?

Why are so many distancing themselves from SEO?

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the SEMPDX presentation by Rand Fishkin of Moz, titled “The Mighty Nudge – The Future of Digital Marketing”.  It was great to be there and be a part of the benefit fundraiser.  I admire all who put time and effort into putting on a meaningful evening.


Now to my review of the Rand’s presentation. I thought it was a good presentation that certainly had useful take away tips. I have to admit it was not what I was expecting, I think I’m not alone in saying I was surprised it was more advertising/marketing focused than related to SEO in anyway.  In fact that was one of my biggest take aways was how interesting it was to me that so many these days seem to be disassociating themselves from SEO.

I believe that over the past several years techniques and tactics to achieve certain SEO benefits has gotten many folks into trouble and given SEO a bad name. I believe this was done innocently by many and on purpose by others and as a result with the crack down of Google’s various efforts panda and other updates you have seen a major shift in what works and what doesn’t in gaining ranking and a lot of people are bailing off the SEO ship.  I’ve watched SEO grow from it’s infancy to in my opinion now being an isolated service related to web development.

Over the years and with the growth of social media internet marketing or now more recognizably referred to as digital marketing has emerged as the term/service that many are associating themselves with, myself included.  I think DIGITAL MARKETING is the maturity of a culmination of incorporating and utilizing SEO/SOCIAL MEDIA/EMAIL MARKETING/VIDEO MARKETING/and A WELL DESIGNED and PURPOSEFUL WEBSITE.


Rand’s presentation focused on Nudging customers to take the action you wish them to. He offered 12 different tips to achieve this.  I obviously agree that through smart Web Design, well thought out social media planning and execution and strategic email marketing you can successfully nudge your customers or potential customers to make that purchase or fill out that form etc. Testing is critical and tweaks need to be done regularly. You’d be amazed at how a simple change to a layout or message can dramatically alter your conversion rate.

To me this is the essence of marketing I think the major shift lies in within the tools we use, or channels we reach our customer through these days versus the past. Traditional marketing needs to evolve and those not participating in digital marketing are missing a huge segment of the population.  Right now it a EXTREMELY exciting time for marketers. After being in the business for over 12 years it’s dawned on me even though my background is communications, marketing is what I’ve been doing and love to do. Every time I sit down with a client I listen to them with a fresh perspective working with them to leverage the right technology for them to maximize their marketing efforts.  Fundamentally I believe a business needs to start with a well design and functional website, optimize it for their target audience and expand their brand through various social media platforms that there customers participate on.  This to me is digital marketing nudging/leading or guiding the customer to do what you want them to do, in a soft, gentle and thoughtful way.

Anyone trying to sell you #1 position on Google through SEO is just not being honest. NO one can guarantee that, and even though they may be able to achieve it for a short term KNOW that there may be a price to pay for the tactics in which they got you there. Be smart and diversify your marketing efforts, concentrate on building your brand! – The old hair and tortuous story seems to be playing itself out in real life in today’s digital world.