Tips for women entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

Tips for women entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

Today’s blog post is written for women entrepreneurs out there struggling to figure out why your business doesn’t seem to be growing the way you’d envisioned.

Like you I love being an entrepreneur because it allows me flexibility and freedom.  I started working for myself as a means to help pay our bills and stay home with my girls when they were babies. Every year I have been able to grow my business despite all the challenges of balancing motherhood, working for myself and having no clear business strategy in place.

I wanted to share with you today the lessons I’ve learned in hopes that it can help you avoid some of the same mistakes I’ve made.

Here are my 5 top tips for women entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses.

Tip #1. Get an office or space (ideally outside of the home) that you can have that is JUST yours.. it’s your work space that no one else can use, or enter without your permission. It’s your production area, because when you set up a space that is just yours and it’s strictly related to work and things that inspire or motivate you – good things happen! When you enter that space you are able to focus and be more efficient with your time and gain a sense of fulfillment and pride.

Tip #2. Talk with your family and be sure that everyone knows that just because you work for yourself it is a REAL JOB, not a hobby, it is not a little job, it is a job that brings in money or aims to bring in money to help pay the household bills. – Be sure to establish the legitimacy of your work for yourself and for others so you do not build up resentment towards others who do not take your efforts seriously.  This can be challenging if you don’t take yourself seriously first.  Believe me NO-ONE will take you seriously and respect what you do for work if you do not respect yourself first.

Tip #3. Which brings me to my next point – Put yourself first, EVEN before your job. The lack of  self-confidence is the #1 reason you self sabotage.  I can NOT stress enough how important the mind- body connection is to your success and self confidence. You have to MAKE the time to exercise, pray, and be grateful for the good in your life and world around you daily!  If you can start doing this NOW and do this daily I promise you good things and abundance will come your way.

Tip #4.  STOP setting unrealistic goals. When you set too many unrealistic short term goals you are setting yourself up for failure, which then negatively effects your self confidence and become a major set back. This is a common self sabotaging habit. You have the best of intentions feeling positive and ambitious by setting the goals in the first place, but then when they are not all accomplished feelings of self doubt, discouragement and over whelm set in.  AVOID this by setting small attainable goals.  I find it helpful to set 3 each month

  • A me goal – this is only about you! This goal can be related to exercise, self awareness, spirituality or health but it must be attainable for example;  work out x number of days a week,
  • A business goal – this is strictly related to business ideally this is something that is going to help GROW your business for example: attend 2 networking events this month and pass out business cards and meet 5 new contacts.
  • A personal goal – now this differs from the ME goal since this can be about something related to your personal life other than yourself so for example: I want to be more present with my kids when we are at home


Tip #5. While at work Focus on PROFIT PRODUCING ACTIVITIES 80% Of your time – it’s so easy to avoid the things that might be hard or outside our comfort zone. Like for me, I tend to avoid sales calls since it’s not my strength.  However I love marketing so I find that I spend most of my time doing tasks that are related to marketing and learning WHEN I really should be focusing on customer acquisition since that is profit producing! Making this simple shift, in what you focus on while you work, can have a big impact on your monthly earnings. Eventually as your business grows you can hire sales help to allow you to focus more on the things you enjoy.

I have many more tips that I’d like to share but I’m going to save them for the next blog post I write. I hope you have found this helpful and if you have please rate or share this so that I can see there is an interest in me continuing to write on this subject.  If you want to get daily inspiration and fun tips and information related to being an entrepreneur join me on my Facebook page.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read this!

Remember you owe it to yourself to be the best you can be 🙂 

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Written by Mary Killelea