Tips for Marketing your Business

Tips for Marketing your Business

Having a business and not knowing how to market it can be overwhelming. If you don’t know where your focus should be to get the best results keep reading. Attending to the following details can help you succeed.

Have a Great Website

Simply having a website is not enough in today’s competitive market. In order for a website to make money for a small business, it should be optimized, and also user friendly. The goal is to get people to visit your website, but also to stay there and explore. If a site is not optimized and user friendly, people will simply “x” out of it, and move on. It takes skill and experience to build the perfect website for a business, large or small.  Web design and thoughtful functionality in your site plus keyword optimization and search engine optimization play a key role it’s success. Focusing on these areas help build a client base, and also increases income. Win-win.

Build Traffic with Social Media and SEO Tactics                       

As mentioned above, a good website will have optimum SEO tactics, but Social Media plays an important role in building traffic. There are a growing number of social media sites on which to draw in potential clients. Along with SEO tactics, Social Media can drive traffic to your website if used properly. Many small business owners simply put links to their site on places like Facebook, or Twitter without drawing the interest of many people. There is an art to using these sites along with SEO to engage your followers by grabbing their interest and compelling them to visit your website. There are also many Social Media sites which are unknown to many businesses just starting out. By not utilizing them, you are passing up potential clients.

Paid Advertising-Is it worth it?

Paid advertising can be a double edged sword. If not used properly, it can waste a lot of money. The key to successful paid advertising is an outstanding landing page. Once you have that, paid advertising is well worth the expense. Again, there is an art to successful landing pages. The art work and the wording must be that which draws the reader in, and makes them want to know more. Landing pages can be used to make a sale, or for the reader to get more information. If done correctly, they can create lists for email, increase sales, and draw in potential customers. Without a good landing page, paid advertising is not going to be successful.

With the above mentioned tactics, your business can increase it’s bottom line. It’s as simple as that.

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Written by Mary Killelea