Taking a look at what’s holding you back from success?

Taking a look at what’s holding you back from success?

These days we all have access to infinite information at our finger tips, we can easily get overloaded with ideas, tips and advice. We are surrounded by so much information via the internet and social media, that we can begin to second guess ourselves, to compare ourselves and to have feelings of overwhelm that cripples us.

Have you ever asked yourself… What’s holding you back from success? What’s holding you back from following through with the great ideas you have? Why do you self sabotage?

Ever think you don’t know enough yet, so you move onto the next thing to just start all over? Do you get easily distracted by shinning objects others are selling or offering. Are you a constant student of others?

Are you staying to yourself I’m tired of standing on the side lines, his or her success should be my success!

So the big question is… What causes some people to have great success and while who are just as worthy can’t succeed to at the same level.  In my opinion it comes down to two important factors,

Self doubt and Fear 

If you can turn off the little voices in your head that prevent you from following through on ideas and implementation, your results would be different.   Fear is just a four letter word, but it has so much power. or should I say, we give it so much power.  Over come fear by working on it daily and doing one little thing each day that you feared and you’ll see it’s really powerless once your head is in the game.  Eat something you don’t think you’d like, write and send out the newsletter that you’ve been thinking about or call 4 new potential clients and ask for their business.  Acknowledge that imperfect action is better than no action, that by trying you will learn, that what you once feared isn’t going to be so scary.

Some people, myself included, fear success because once you achieve success things wont be the same as they have been. As much as you don’t want to admit it you secretly like it where you are because you know what to expect, it’s comfortable. Going outside your comfort zone is where you grow!

I dedicated this past year to myself. I invested in a business coach, I opened up an office outside of my home, I set boundaries, raised my rates and forced myself to go outside of my comfort zone and network regularly.

I am in a better place business wise than I have been in years. I landed a 4 million dollar company as a client and am doing their website redesign, all because I had the confidence in my ability and was fearless in going for it. What are you afraid of? Name it and conquer it.

I wanted to share a few books that I have read that really helped me in my mind transformation. I’ve still got many goals to achieve, but I’m not comparing myself to others as I have in the past.  I’m able to believe in my own abilities, talents and gifts and I have faith that the best is yet to come.

I hope if any of this resonates with you that you will take the time to read one of these books and reach out to me and tell me your challenges so we can help keep one another on the right track.


This book was recommended by so many other people i just had to see what everyone was talking about. I thought the book was good and had some nuggets of advice, but I think it’s a book that I need to re-read to truly see what the buzz is all about.


I just finished this book and it is one of my all time favorites. I love Joel and I love the way he talks to you like a friend. I am catholic and for me this book provided me a new perspective on how God truly wants you to achieve greatness and that you should never feel like you couldn’t ask for his support, help or guidance in work related en-devours. I had always believed it was wrong for me to pray for success or for opportunities because in the world there are so many suffering that I felt it was selfish of me to do so and I didn’t want to waste God’s time.  Now I know God wants me to ask for the moon, strive for success. He wants me to work towards my destined greatness and its wrong of me not to go for it and wrong to not include him in the journey.


This book was a pivotal book for me.  I love Hal Elrod’s story of achievement.  His story inspired me to take action, to put myself first, to wake up early and spend time being grateful for all I have.  This book is a great eye opener to what you can accomplish with simple changes.



This book is just wonderful. It inspired me personally and professionally.  Sheryl Sanberg would be a person I’d love to have dinner with and just talk to forever about so many different things. She has such a wonderful caring persona.  I think mentoring is so important and valuable. I have offered myself as a mentor over the years to a few women and it felt so good to give and share my talents.  I wish I had a business mentor that was there for me and hoping I will find her soon. Meanwhile I will continue to buy books that teach and inspire me.

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Written by Mary Killelea