Social Media Done for you! Learn why Social Media is worth the investment.

Social Media Done for you! Learn why Social Media is worth the investment.

A lot of people simply can’t keep up with the fast paced world of internet marketing. That is where companies like ours can help.

We’ve found that one of the most overwhelming challenges for most business owners is trying to wrap their heads around social media.  Business owners struggle with understanding how to participate and what social media platforms to build a presence on.  Additionally it’s hard for a business owner to justify spending money or time on a marketing segment of  their business that doesn’t offer a direct ROI.

I am here to tell you even though it still is hard to measure a true ROI on social media it does provide great value to your business.  Social Media has grown to be a normal expectation from customers. Just like every business should have a website, customers expect to be able to engage with businesses through social media platforms that they frequent, which is important to recognize. Each of your customers are unique and some may like to hang out on Twitter, some may like to spend time on Facebook, other may be more savy and new adopters and hang out out Google+.   The point is your business needs to have a presence where your customers hang out.  Having a presence on each of the top social media platforms allows you to build various communities across a diverse group of users. Interacting with them and being accessible allows you to CONNECT with your users, allows them to gain insight about your business and your products or services, so when they are ready to make a purchase or hire someone for the job they will likely go with someone they have had an opportunity socially to get to know and connect with and now trust. This is the ROI that business owners need to understand.  Gaining a customer through social media takes time and patience but those customers gained through this avenue are more likely to be advocates for your business and loyal customers that will be repeat customers for you.  Now that’s a great value!

So now the question is what social networks to build a presence on ? We’ve found in our research that for most businesses, if you have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn this is the ideal combination.  One thing to remember too is that we recommend having a presence for your business for SEO benefits as well. Google has indicated that they now take into account a businesses social media activity when ranking a site. They look at the number of Google+1’s, the number of Facebook “shares” and Facebook “likes”and “comments”.  Additionally Google looks at how many times you have tweeted on twitter.  As you can see being active on social media is not only beneficial because it allows for your brand to connect and engage with your online community of fans and potential customers but it helps in your over all ranking relevance in the eyes of Google.

How in the world do you keep up with that? You are a business owner and want to take care of business not spend your entire day distracted on social media.  Do you hire an inexperienced intern or a minimum wage employee to manage your social media marketing? Do you hire a position to do this full time? The answer is NO! You should utilize a service like ours where we have a professional skilled and trained marketing staff to do the job for you. We offer affordable packages and we get the job done so you don’t have to worry about it!  If you do, do it yourself, we congratulate you. The reality is whether your choose to have social media done for you by us, or if you decide to do it yourself, it’s getting done.  Take the leap and start to build your social presence and share your brand with your customers today!!

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