My Urban Campfire: Winter Edition Experience

My Urban Campfire: Winter Edition Experience

UrbanCampfire-01Tonight I attended the Urban Campfire: Winter Edition at Urban Studios in NW Portland OR. The gal behind the popular Crave events and tonight’s Urban Campfire is Melody Biringer. I found her to be modest and a bit shy, confident and quietly excited, sincere and optimistic. Biringer threw a wonderful event, that not only inspired women to be honest, real and optimistic but added value with an unique twist of providing 5 very different and interesting speakers who shared personal experiences of sorrow, sadness, struggle, survival and hope.

Over a fabulous dinner we did some self reflection and shared in small groups one of our own personal failures and how we were able to grow from it and over dessert we shared our top 10 craves for our life. Speakers were all wonderful, bright and beautiful women. Each woman had her own unique story to share and was honest and forth-coming in a public self reflection.  From my perspective the audience was captivated by the sincere accounts of hurdles, expected and unexpected in their tales which were relate-able to some and inspiring to all.

Melody BiringerOn a personal note 2014 is a year I dedicated to myself and my own personal development and growth and this event was just what I was hoping it would be.  It is so important to surround yourself with like minded women (and or men) who are REAL and HONEST about their struggles in all aspects of their lives, those searching for deeper meaning, purpose and fulfillment. Those that realize they have a lot to offer and are willing to take a long look in the mirror strip away the layers of self-imposed social labels or years of programming to truly find happiness in their own skin.  I highly encourage you to take the time to attend the next Urban Campfire and find the Super Hero within you!

Melody’s book is called Craving Success and I can’t wait to dive into it.

Being an entrepreneur can be the most rewarding and thrilling choice you make in your business life. CRAVING SUCCESS  is a peek into a sister entrepreneur’s head. Melody Biringer invites you along for a readable romp through the up and down lessons of being an adventurous and independent businesswoman.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention Lyn Edwards, the emcee of the night was fabulous. She brought a lot of life and humor to the night!  #whatsyourmarshmellow

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Written by Mary Killelea