How small businesses can remain competitive

How small businesses can remain competitive


As I write new blog posts each month and work with small to medium sized business owners on providing them feed back on their current marketing efforts and helping them with ways to improve it, I realize that helping small businesses be competitive is what I truly love doing.

Don’t get me wrong, I like web design and Search Engine Optimization and being engaging through social media, but meeting a business owner face to face and listening and learning about what they do and why they started the business truly lights me up.

This past week I had the chance to meet with a gentlemen who was very passionate about his business that he’d been running for over 20 years and he’d come to me looking for help since his referrals were dying off and he wanted to take advantage of the new digital marketing efforts he’d been hearing about.

So we sat down at a local coffee shop, enjoying a latte, and engaging in a conversation about his business for over an hour. He told me where’s it been, who it helps, how the landscape of leads has changed for him over the years and I see this elderly man laughing and being passionate in his story telling of his services and clients he’s helped. Right then, as the conversation slows, I realize I am not just there to throw a marketing plan together that anyone can use and be successful with, but I’m there to work on a plan that showcases his personality and passion for his business and his clients.  To help others see the gentleman I had coffee with because if they could see him and understand his wealth of knowledge and his love for helping his elderly care clients,  they’d choose him for his services over his competition time after time.

Back in my office now, I’m currently working on his new marketing strategy and it includes videos that we’ll produce to be included in his newly redesigned responsive website that is of course optimized for targeted keywords. We’ll create a YouTube channel for him so that he can share his knowledge and expertise and make a personal connection with others and build out a Google Ads campaign to drive traffic to the newly updated website. I know sounds a little daunting, but in reality it is easy, but without taking the time to meet with him and hear his passion and personality I might not have known how to make him competitive.

In working on this marketing plan I realize that there are some main problems facing small business owners today.

  • Business promotion isn’t done the same as it used to be.
  • Competition is steep and the competitive field has grown with access of the internet.
  • Business owners don’t realize what their competitive edge is.
  • Business owners claim to not have the resources to investment for growth


Jumping to the last one on my list first, “business owners claim to not have the resources to investment for growth”, I think that’s HOG WASH, there are wonderful and abundant tools out there to help the small businesses from local banks, to a really cool new company I discovered the other day called Kabbage. What they do is quickly (within 7 minutes) assess your company profile and assets and determine whether or not you qualify for a business loan. They put the power of business growth back into the hands of the business owner giving them access to capital as it’s needed. Now I’m not one for borrowing money, but sometimes it makes sense and to know there are trustworthy companies out there that are making it easy to be competitive is really assuring. Just be sure to pay back the money that you borrow as your company grows.

I don’t think anyone will argue with the statement, business promotion isn’t done the same way as it used to be. The world of business and marketing has changed forever, the important advice for business owners is to not be paralyzed with overwhelm and stop fearing the unknown. Find someone you can trust to advise you in knowing what you don’t know related to marketing and share your passion about your business and define your competitive edge and come up with plan that you are going to implement, analyze and tweak or repeat. Agree that if you don’t have the funds to do it, you’ll find the resource to get the funding because the success of your business is worth it.

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Written by Mary Killelea