Facebook Marketing simplified

Facebook Marketing simplified

by Mary Killelea

So I have been obsessed with Facebook Business Marketing for the past two-three years and am heavily concentrating on expanding this portion of my business and I gotta tell you I LOVE IT! To me it’s so much fun and can be so rewarding to show clients it really works. Helping clients understand that Social Media is a vital part of how they should market these days is difficult at times but after we run their page for a few month we alawys here… Ohhh We get it now!   Lots of people have a hard time conceptualizing how it interacting on Facebook can help their business.   This is what we try to share with our clients when we are educating them on Facebook Marketing it’s Facebook Marketing simplified.

1. How to make sure site social media friendly.

  • get social sharing icons from (sharethis.com) and place that snippet of code onto your blog or website so people can share you information socially thru the various networks you select.
  • add social media icons to your website or blog so that people can instantly “Like” your page
  • add Facebook “Like” box similar to last item mentioned but this is more noticeable and you can see if your friends are already fans.


2. How to make most of your timeline

  • upload a cover photo that graphically makes a great first impression and showcases your business in a memorable way.
  • pin posts – the new timeline offers you the ability to pin posts to the top of your timeline to highlight specific posts that you want people to see right away when visiting your page
  • highlight posts – this is unique in that it widens the post to full screen width size to make it much more noticeable making it a great way to show off products or photos you are sharing.
  • add custom tabs – you can now not only add custom tabs and there are many tools to do this but now you have the opportunity to to create custom tab graphics (111×74 pixels) custom tabs are like pages on a website. What adversiting you have the ability to drive traffic directly to a custom tab not just your default timeline home page.


3. How to create amazing content

  • people often have a hard time trying to figure out what to write about or post about. The following services are great resources for finding you what burning questions people want to know the answers to.
    Go to any of the following resources and type in a category and you’ll see popular asked questions as a business owner if  you are providing the answers to the questions you will be building relationships with users and answering their questions and become the knowledge resource for them.
  • www.quora.com
  • linkedin.com/answers
  • google keyword tool – this will show you what are most popular keywords for niches you are business are in.
  • digg.com social bookmarking site that again shows what’s popular and on peoples minds in your particular area of expertise.


4. How to grow your community

  • Create custom tabs using software like, lujure.com, fan page generator or other tab generators – create call to actions in your custom tabs, like providing a sign up area for customer to receive, white papers download, coupons, contests, case studies etc.)
  • Create ads to drive people to your custom tabs – advertising is an incredible means to reach precise targeting (it’s recommended that ads be set to pay per click vs. CPM)
    1. set up ads based on interests, age, workplace, education, geographical locations, sexual preference, relationship status, language, fans of competitors
    2. set up ads based on advanced profile targeting to dive deeper into the social habits and related interests of your customers,
    3. set up ads based on friends connections
    4. set up sponsored stories as a means of generating interests from your audience.
  • Analyze and Tweak your marketing strategy by reviewing what’s working and what’s not by looking at the information provided in the insights panel of your business page. Post engagement can reveal which is best time to post to your audience.


5. How to engage your audience

  • Why is this important – Facebook shows you the status of friends and companies that you interact with the most
  • Facebook watches your behavior and populates your news feeds based on that history and engagement pattern so you want your posts to trigger a reaction so your posts get displayed more frequently to your fans.
  • Techniques to achieve higher interaction from your fans
  • Ask questions here are some simple and easy formats to model.
    1. “Click “like” if __________”
    2. Fill in the blank format.  “If it were sunny out I’d be out __________”  or  “I’d love to be ____________________ right now”
  • Include Video and Photos both are great for generating responses and visually ad a lot to your page.
  • Getting the word out about your new business page:
    1. Use Facebook as yourself
    2. Search for your business page that you want to promote
    3. Click on “Build Audience”
    4. Invite Friends click on search all friends and manually check off all those that you want to email an invite to and they will be sent a invitation to “like” your page once you hit submit.


If you have a business and follow these tips and guidelines.. you will have success! If you are still overwhelmed and confused or think it’s too daunting CALL us, our team of marketing experts at Working Web Solutions are here to ensure your Facebook marketing efforts don’t miss a beat.

We’ve created a special, all inclusive Facebook business program that incorporates graphic design services, page posting, page optimization, liking all relevant local pages, posting out as your business to grow your online network, uploading of photos, adding any videos you may have and teaching you how to access and update your own page anytime as well. We get your Facebook business page pointed in the right direction.

If you are a small business owner  and can use marketing tips, special discounts and inspiration!  Join my Ezine and receive “Our Business Marketing Guide” that will help you quickly identify what’s missing from your current marketing strategy and help you know what to get started on.

Written by Mary Killelea