Facebook Advertising – its not rocket science just create a plan and execute the plan.

Facebook Advertising – its not rocket science just create a plan and execute the plan.

Facebook advertising isn’t rocket science but you do need to know what you are doing. You need to understand your client’s business and his or her target audience. You need to create a strategy from start to finish. You need to make sure they are equipped to handle the business that is generated so people have a good experience.

If you ask me there are ideal niches that just are easier to roll out an effective marketing campaign for vs others. Restaurants to me are ideal. Facebook advertising is one of the best ways to get targeted clients! With the release of Facebook’s ad interface now offering their Power Editor you can specifically target mobile customers.

Let’s say you are a restaurant and want to run a coupon in your town to people who are out and about on their mobile phones surfing Facebook and connecting with their friends.  Mobile usage is HUGE and advertising on mobile phones is a great way to reach people when they are actually out being active and likely to be going out to eat and want to try somewhere new.  As they are surfing the newsfeed to see what’s happening.. your ad comes across because Facebook has user demographic on everyone – from what they like to eat, wear, date, live, etc.

So when you create an ad on Facebook you can select your target audience by various demographic criteria.

Where they live, age, gender, interests, food preferences, income etc.

If your restaurant is Sushi you can target foodies, that love sushi in a certain zip code. Create a custom app on your Facebook page that requires them to Like your business page in order to get the coupon and BAM – you just gave someone who’s never heard about your restaurant a reason come try it out!
Your restaurant will be PACKED make it a good offer and target the right people and you are in business!

Remember it comes down to creating a plan and executing the promotions! Contact us if you would like to run an ad for your restaurant if we don’t increase your restaurant business via this strategy then you wont owe us a cent ! Now that’s putting your money where you mouth is. – Let us help you grow your business!