3 Common Sense Reasons To Use Video Marketing To Rank Higher

3 Common Sense Reasons To Use Video Marketing To Rank Higher

By Michael Pilolla

There is no doubt, video marketing needs to be a part of your Internet marketing strategy starting in 2013. This is one trend you just can’t wait to hop on. All the stats bare it out, and surfing the web for but a minute will reveal more video results than ever before.

But to satisfy your curiosity, try these two revealing stats on for size:

• According to the Forrester group, websites with a video marketing strategy are over 50 times more likely to rank on the first page.
• A study conducted by AimClear found that video listings that show up in the universal search results experienced up to 41 percent higher click-through rates than their plain-text competitors.

So there you have it, a couple important bottom-line stats for you. Got the picture? Good, then let’s proceed.

Now that we’ve established that 2013 is the year of video, you still have plenty of time to jump on this SEO booster before years end. Instead of throwing around more stats at you, I’m gonna give you 3 common sense big picture reasons why video marketing must be a part of your digital marketing mix.

Build Trust and Connect

Strong customer relationships built through trust and emotional connection – it’s the cornerstone to every reputable business. Video is an amazing way to connect and build trust.

Sure, we’ve gotten by without much online video marketing thus far. But guess what? If someone told you they had a powerful way for you to build trust between you and your potential customers, would you shrug it off? Of course not.

Video is a great way to deliver your message with real people from your company. People are inclined to trust a business more when they can put a real face with that business. That’s why it’s important to remember when creating a video, that the person or people in the video are personable, authentic, and transparent.

Visual Marketing Is More Sharable

It’s more fun to share a video than a blog post – enough said.

But seriously, it can be just that simple. Whether your video’s a little more formal (but not over the top formal) and comes from your website, or if it comes from one of your social media platforms and is a little less formal, people are much more willing to share video content than they are textual content.

Remember, it’s about getting the search engines to take notice of your site by offering value to your customers. If your customers find value in your videos, chances are good they’re going to share them with their friends or people they know who would benefit from viewing your video. That’s when Google turns into a Meerkat and takes notice of your site.

Google rewards those sites with great content – plain and simple. In my opinion, there are two important factors to great content. 1) It provides real stand-alone value in and of itself. That is, it doesn’t have to be in any specific context to be helpful. 2) If you get number one right, then number two is automatic. Great media rich content, like video, will get linked to and shared more, which will cause Google’s Meerkat like reflexes to kick-in and cause your search engine ranking pages (SERPs) to move up in the results.

It’s Search Engine Evolution

Here’s where taking a step back and just looking at the big picture is helpful.

Video marketing is just another step up in search engine evolution. It wasn’t much more than 15 years ago that many businesses thought they’d never need a website, they scoffed at the notion. Many rolled their eyes at the importance of blogging and its effects on search rankings. And it wasn’t very long ago at all that people laughed at the idea of Facebook or Twitter being critical to their brand reputation.

Sure, fads come and go and many times without you even knowing about them. But like I said, you just need to search for something that interests you and you’re going to find more links with, or to, videos in your results than you did just a few short months ago. This wouldn’t be the case if Internet marketers didn’t know the benefits of video marketing.

It’s the evolution of things. Video marketing is being touted today as just as important to your SEO success as having a website was to your online success 15 years ago. Yeah – that important.


Again, there are a ton of stats that support the need to add online video marketing to your marketing toolbox. However, I hope this common sense approach helps shed some light on what might feel like a passing fad, or something you’re just not sure about.

As digital marketers look to increase brand awareness, improve SEO, and find that next red-hot SERP booster, it’s inevitable that there will be hot new trends for delivering content to customers, and video marketing is definitely one of them.

You know what they say, evolve or die, or at least get pushed down on those search-ranking pages.

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Written by Mary Killelea