11 Tips to finding a good business coach!

11 Tips to finding a good business coach!

I believe every business owner/entrepreneur should at one time or another have a business coach.  I think a good business coach can be that person who looks in from the outside at a person’s business with clarity and a fresh perspective. As entrepreneurs I think it’s hard to detach ourselves from our business and look at it unbiasedly. At times during a business’ life span it’s healthy and necessary to enlist the expertise of an outside experienced business coach that can give you useful feedback and guidance.

Here are 11 tips to help you find a business coach to help you take your business to the next level.

1. Is the business coach you are going to hire trust worthy? Do you know them personally? Do you know someone that can vouch for their integrity?

2. What specifically attracts you to this business coach? Do you like their physical appearance? Are you impressed with their connections or level of success?  Were you impressed by their method of marketing to you?

3. What does this coach charge? Is there a contract? What are the terms of the contract? Is this coaching program within your budget?

4. Does this coach offer references? Does this coach have a website? Does this coach have a social media presence? Visit all of them and ask yourself if you are impressed by their level of professionalism and branding across the various channels?

5. Is it a one on one coaching program? Or is it a group program? What amount of time will you have with this person?

6. It’s so important to clearly understand all the deliverables of the type of coaching you will be receiving. Will the coaching be done face to face? Will it be online? Will you have an opportunity to ask questions? How will you receive feedback? Via email, phone call etc? Will it be video format or webinar style?

7. Does the coach that you are interested in get back to you in a timely manner and is he or she willing to answer all your questions before you’ve signed up?

8.  Does this coach clearly define the deliverable to you – do you know what you will be gaining from your investment?  What deliverables come with it? Replays of coaching calls? Videos? Ebook, Pdf’s etc?

9. Is the type of coaching you’ll be receiving the best for your type of learning? Do you like one on one in person interaction? Or Do you prefer email style interaction? Do you like to morning meetings or meetings in the evenings when you are free after work?

10. Is this business coach personable and truly seem to care about your success?

11. This question is one you have to ask yourself. Are you ready to truly grow as an individual and a business owner? Are you able to take constructive criticism well? Are you willing to do the work that is recommended and required to change the current course your on? If you can’t answer yes to all of these questions, then you’re not ready for a business coach. No matter how good of a business coach you have the RESULTS are 100% up to you. TAKING ACTION and leaving fear and self doubt behind is your responsibility.

Personally I have been working with my own business coach for the past several months and it is because of this that I am an advocate of having a business coach.  I had thought about this for years but felt there was never enough money or it was never the right time but when I finally felt I had met the right person that I connected with and trusted to truly care about me and my businesses success I took the plunge. I WONT lie it was scary to know I was entering a very vulnerable position and that this person was gonna be brutally honest with me and confirm things I had felt over the years and push me to a new level of thinking. I knew I had to break thru my self sabotaging ways and go outside my comfort zone.  As a result, I have been able to step back from my business in a way I never could previously and look at what was making me money and what wasn’t and truly see what I am passionate about and what changes I need to make in order to get to the level of success that I want to achieve.

It’s my calling to help other business owners succeed and push themselves. To educate them on new technologies that are available to them and show them how to leverage those technologies to increase their profits.  It’s my goal to have business owners and entrepreneurs become laser focused on their target audience and help them attract those customers.  If you are interested in learning more about my business coaching services please call 503-997-6935 or email me to set up a time to learn more.

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Written by Mary Killelea