Positive thoughts for small business owners

Positive thoughts for small business owners

Today we found out that my oldest daughter got accepted into a great private catholic high school and I couldn’t be happier or more proud of her. As I sit here in my office realizing the magnitude of having two kids in private schools, braces, a broken A/C and a roof that needs replacing it’s hard to bask in the glory of good news. Just when life seems like it’s getting easier it hits you – IT’S NEVER EASIER it’s just different, different concerns, different stresses and different pressures that life throws at you and this is coming from a very positive person with a “get er done”, “half glass full” attitude.

As a business owner I am constantly working on my business, working hard on generating new clients with various different forms of inbound marketing and working on obtaining new skills to help my clients get ahead. I know whether you admit it or not, every small business owner can relate that there are times you wonder if it’s all worth it. Thinking to yourself, could life be easier and less stressful if I was working for someone else doing a 9-5 job, with guaranteed vacation time and focusing only on ONE thing v.s. the multitude of hats that I currently wear in my own business.  Waffling back and forth over this for months I have come to the conclusion that God will guide me in the direction I need to go –  I just need to put my whole faith in him and be open to opportunities and open and honestly reach out to others, believe in my own abilities, talent and skills and know that what I have to offer is of great value to clients of my own or as an employee of a company.  Running scared is no way to live, it’s time to stop, take a breath, shake off the self doubt and shine bright with a “I can do attitude”!

I’ll leave you with 10 positive reasons to own your own business:

  1. Freedom – You have your own freedom to set your own hours
  2. Flexibility – You can come and go as you like
  3. Sky is the limit – You control the income you generate
  4. Convenience – You can work from home or anywhere (if you don’t have a brick and mortar store)
  5. Rewarding – You can share your talents with others
  6. Enjoyment – You like what you do
  7. Family – You are able to be flexible with your hours to enjoy more family time or attend to children’s needs more easily
  8. Connection – you connect with other business owners in an unique way from others who don’t own their own business
  9. Diversity – You wear many different hats and learn a lot of things you might not if locked into one role
  10. Dreams Come True – You started this business because you a dream and followed it.Remember – never to stop dreaming or believing!

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Written by Mary Killelea