3 Things That Trip Up All Small Business Owners

3 Things That Trip Up All Small Business Owners

I have the pleasure of working with a lot of small businesses owners and each one is different and unique and it’s one of the reasons I love my job. I get to learn something new everyday and work with smart clients who are experts in their field. But time and time again smart business owners can fall victim to these 3 common marketing mistakes.

3 Things That Trip Up All Business Owners

  1. NOT knowing your target market. This is one that can really mess you up. It it critical to your business to know who your audience is. Whether you are a horse trainer,  a hair dresser, an author or a chef, it is vital to the growth of your business to know who you are serving. Knowing your targeted market and appealing directly to them can ignite your business growth .  Targeted marketing is understanding “attraction leads to reaction”.
  2. NOT setting a clear and measurable marketing goal. It’s wonderful and very beneficial to set marketing plans, but it’s critical to think the plan through from start to finish.  This means, not only do you test your marketing campaign messaging, but you analyze the results and set up measurable metrics that will let you know if it was a success or failure. Knowing what your Key Performance Indicators are is critical to your growth.  A key performance indicator (KPI) is a business metric used to evaluate factors that are crucial to the success of an organization. KPIs differ per organization; business KPIs may be net revenue or a customer loyalty metric, or number of sales calls that came in or number of new subscribers you got this week, etc.
  3. NOT staying focused and taking small daily steps towards your marketing goals. Many small business owners suffer from paralysis from overwhelm. A simple way to avoid this and keep on track so you’re moving forward with growth building efforts is to make your marketing tasks small actionable steps that you can easily implement, such as making sure your email signature has your contact info, your website and social media sites listed. Your sales people and receptionist are answering every phone call with a smile and are asking customers how they found out about  your business and tracking that information so you see where you need to focus more time. Personally spend time with your customers, greet them, engage with them, and listen to them.  Leave big marketing strategy and implementation to the professionals, your job is to spoil your current clients who will be life time advocates for your business.

Avoid these common mistakes and your business will benefit.  Marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming or even costly but it does have to have a clear sense of purpose and consistency. Growth comes from constantly being in front of your ideal client and providing them with solutions to their problems. Customers want to be appreciated and treated kindly, if you have an average product or service but deliver the highest quality of customer service, your business will grow,  if you do that plus have a great product or service that you are passionate about, then there is no limit to your success.

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Written by Mary Killelea